Gratitude Takes Flight

When was the last time you were on an airplane? 

If you travel frequently do you remember the last time you had a flight crew that was friendly, helpful or just plain nice?  It is definitely the exception these days.  After you check in, pay to have your luggage thrown on the plane, disrobe to make it through security, the last thing you want to encounter is crabby people.

Unfortunately it seems to be quite the standard in travel today.

As I read article after article about customer service and loyalty, I would strongly encourage the airlines to re-read these chapters.  In today’s tough climate there is nothing more powerful than an encounter with a grateful heart.  Be grateful for our business and for the opportunity to serve others.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? 

There is some food for thought after making 3 gate changes for one flight only to take a major delay.  I am still grateful for the moment and the opportunity to fly!

See you at the next gate.


Landing with Gratitude!

My day started at 3:30am.  It was a day of travel.  I got up and out to the airport on time and walked up to the gate just as they started boarding my flight.  The day was off and running. 

When travel is on the docket, I can never tell how the day will go however I have always known that keeping a sense of humor is essential.  I was delighted that I had not had to use it – yet.

I boarded the flight and sat down next to what appeared to be a business traveller.  He had a sunny disposition and I was glad to see a friendly face.  As I settled in to my seat we started talking.  It was one of those chats that you continue simply to learn and understand more.  As we talked I realized who I was sitting next to and this gentleman had a stellar reputation and was known as a very successful businessman.  I was honored with our conversation.

We talked about areas like ethics and education.  He went on to talk about his dedication to educating children and how our future depended on this area.  These topics resonated for me.  I was impressed by this man.  Successfull businessman with a compassion for community.  What a combination.

By the time we landed 2 hours later, I felt my day was complete.  I had made a terrific contact and learned so much in a very short amount of time.  It was one of those gratitude moments that we all savor.

Even though I left early and travel can be unpredictable, this trip was off to a fantastic start and I couldn’t be anything but grateful.  It is going to be a great day!  Wheels up!

Gratitude = Customer Loyalty

Gratitude is going mainstream and I couldn’t be happier!
Recently a major hotel chain announced that it would focus on random acts of gratitude as part of the customer service code of ethics.
The concept is that an unexpected gesture will leave the customer not just pleased but also grateful. “Gratitude is a powerful, and potentially quite profitable, emotion to inspire.”

Could this type of activity apply to your setting? I actually think it applies to all settings. Imagine a random act of gratitude at home, at school, at work and so forth. There are no boundaries for this type of activity….

Go in gratitude

Source; The New York Times