Game Day

Can you hear the roar of cheering crowds this time of year?

Football has indeed returned.  Whether it’s the Friday night lights illuminating the sky in small towns across the United States or major stadiums rocking with action in major cities on Sunday….football is back.

For me, football is filled with tradition.  There are school songs to be sung and special meals to be made.  Who can attend a football game without a hotdog and a cold beverage?  Then there is the special attire.  Depending on the weather this could range from snow boots to sandals and the favorite jersey for my team.  The preparation can take a good amount of time and thought.

The excitement builds on and off the field.

For the teams, there’s the pre-game meal and rituals, warm up and then…the grand entrance.  When I think about all of the people involved in creating the hype of the game the numbers area staggering.  The band is playing, the crowds are singing and the food vendors are keeping the grills cooking.  It is an American pastime. 

There are so many things to celebrate both on and off the field.  The spirit of competition and pride is heartwarming.  Many life lessons can be applied to game day.  Teamwork, perseverance, hard work and dedication to name a few.

So as you watch your favorite team hit the gridiron, think about all of the hours of hard work put in by the teams, the support staff, families and more.  Go team go!



Recently I had the opportunity to support a family member in pursuit of a dream. It is an honor to support others.
I wish we spent more time focused on how to support other people – family included. There is much celebration about being the leader however there is very little celebration for the supporting roles. They are also important an vital to success.

I compare it to being on an athletic team. You won’t find a successful quarterback on a football team without an outstanding offensive line.
The same rule applies to a person with a dream. It is critical to have a support group around you. Other people can bring different viewpoints, energy as well as support. These synergies create something wonderful.
You also learn by being in a support role. Watching another person pursue a dream, a passion in their life provides many lessons. You start thinking about, how can I add value? How can I compliment efforts here?
When the focus is on someone else – amazing things happen.
I am grateful for my recent journey and my renewed faith in the power of having a dream. Is there someone you can support? Is there a dream calling your name?

The possibilities are endless……

Dogs and Yoga?

I woke up exceptionally early this morning.  Normally this might annoy me however today was different.  Today this is good.  I have an early morning meeting and I still had time to do my yoga.  I have started doing yoga in the morning and my walks at night.  I am trying a new routine.  Well this morning was especially interesting, my dog decided to join me.  Can you imagine a dog doing yoga?  I can’t say it was very productive however I enjoyed the company.  She sat attentively next to me.  She would circle me when I was doing standing poses and she would try to prompt me to play in my sitting poses.  It was very entertaining.  We will see if this turns in to a ritual for her as well.

My morning began peacefully and I feel refreshed.  I enjoyed the simplicity of the laughter my dogs actions prompted.  Isn’t it the simple things in life that bring us the greatest joy?  When was the last time you did something silly unintentionally?  Did it make you smile?  Laugh?  Or better yet did it make others laugh?  Some of my most embarrassing moments have added to my personal folklore.  In the tempo of the day make sure to stop and notice these moments.  They will add a wonderful spice to your life and a smile to your face.

My Friday mantra; My yoga mornings have gone to the dogs.

What a blessing!

For Love of the Game?

This time of year is amazing.

The colors of leaves change from vibrant greens to yellows, reds and orange. .  This is not the only place colors are changing during this season.  There is another season that is erupting throughout fields everywhere…..

Friday nights are filled with high school competitions between gridiron teams.  Fans are yelling in the stands and cheerleaders encourage them to yell a little more.  Saturday’s we get an encore with the next level of football and we are entertained with more athletes, pursuing their dreams of a touchdown and victory.  I can hear the distant drum of a band breaking out in song as their team takes the field.  The sights, the sounds the splendor.

Sunday arrives and the football hangover is starting to mount but before it can really take hold, our professional teams take center stage and give us more to cheer for.  

October is especially interesting in that it is also the finale of the other sport; Baseball.  

The World Series.  If you cannot find a team to cheer for during the month of October – you are simply not looking hard enough.  If you are going to be a part-time fan – this is the month.  Pure athletic entertainment every night of the week. 

Let’s take a closer look at these competitions.  Have you ever noticed what an athlete does after a great play?  After they score a touchdown, make a run or perhaps a great tackle – there is an enthusiastic response.

You may also witness them pointing to the sky, saying a prayer and offering thanks to a power much bigger than themselves.  Refreshing.

After an athletic contest, think about the interviews.  What do these players and coaches say?  They usually talk about the blessings of those around them. 

Team sports are a great testament of gratitude.  A feeling of gratitude towards other teammates, coaches, parents and spiritual power.   So who is on your team?  A team could be a family, a work group, a volunteer organization, the possibilities are endless.

As we cheer on our teams and enjoy this festive season, I pray that we will maintain a spirit of gratitude inside.  It is such a blessing to partake in these sporting events.  The athletes, fans, coaches and spectators are fortunate to share in these athletic pastimes.

With a grateful heart – GO TEAM!!