Thank You Salute

This past week I visited Pearl Harbor.  Part of my visit included a tour of the USS Missouri.  What a magnificent ship.  She is 887 feet long and the height of a 20 story building.  The mess hall would dish out 10,000 meals daily when she was at sea.  The statistics and the history this ship embody was staggering.  It is a city unto itself afloat at sea.

I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sadness and great pride during our tour.  It was a healthy reminder of what people have sustained in the name of freedom and liberty.

The courage and bravery of the men and women who have defended our country was a direct and powerful reminder of the power of gratitude.  I am forever grateful for the all of the people who have gone before me and protected our freedoms, believed in our freedoms and ultimately died for our freedoms. 

What better tribute can there be than to determine a way of giving to others?  This is where gratitude really kicks in.  Have we taken the time to thank them?  Do they know how important their service is?

There is much we can do to express gratitude as it impacts this area of our lives.  Have we thanked an enlisted person? 

 If you travel, how do you respond to someone in uniform?  Would you buy them a cup of coffee?  Give up your seat?  Have you thought about writing a letter of tribute and thanks to a member of our military?  There are numerous ways to reach out and say thanks.  I have added a couple of resources below that might help stir you to expressing gratitude. 

If we all said one thing imagine the shower of gratitude we could create.



Grace & Gratitude!