Planting the Seeds of Spring

The seasons have changed and summer is right around the corner.  As most people are planning for their vacations, I have an idea for you….how about reviewing your 2010 plan?  Do you have one?  Did you make resolutions to start this year?  Summer is traditionally a time when things slow down and unwind a bit. 

This makes it an optimum time to make BIG gains on the business front.  As others downshift you can trailblaze with innovative ideas and goals.  This could start a tidal wave of new business and more.

The first thing to take a look at, review the next 12 months, what are the major results you want to deliver at work?  Make sure to look at this question from the vantage point of the following groups:

  • Customers
  • Investors
  • Employees
  • The organization

The ability to grow business is endless.  Dust off or establish your goals and add measurable points in the next 12 months to check on progress.  Another part of this evolution will be a regenerated leadership.  As you develop your goals and 12 month plan, make sure to optimize areas for leadership and personal growth. Goal attainment is important however how you get there is also significant. 

Spring is a time of birth and renewal.  Take this time of year and energize your work, your business.


Thank you – Good Morning

Do you have a morning ritual?

Do you do the same things morning after morning?  I hope the answer to this question is YES!  We are creatures of habit.  When you follow a routine, your day starts in the “flow.”  It is comfortable.

I have a couple of ideas that may help energize and start your day with a lift.

1.  When you wake up – greet the day – stretch your arms upward and cheer the arrival of a new day. 

2.  Set your intention for the day. Whether it’s summing up one or two big tasks you want to accomplish and focus on, or selecting an overarching theme for the day (such as “calmness” or “contentment”), I’m letting the universe know here I am and this is what I intend to attract.

3.  Develop a list of 3 things you are grateful for.  The list doesn’t have to be complex.  The items can be simple and short what it important is that they are written down.  If you will do this for 21 days in a row a couple of things will happen.  First, you will be amazed at the list you have compiled and second, you will be surprised by the energy this list holds.

4.  Use the right fuel.  As you power up for your day.  What is in your breakfast?  Do you eat breakfast.  If you plug-in to your day, energy is a necessity.  Pick something healthy and nutritious.  I like yogurt and oatmeal coupled with fruit.  It sticks with me and warms my stomach.  Power Up!

5.  In closing, your entire morning will start out better with a little planning the night before.  Do you lay out your clothes, your to-do list as well as any extra items?  Make sure it is easy to find your keys, briefcase, purse, etc….  This keeps the morning on track and stress free.

Try a few new morning traditions and see how it changes the course of your day.

Grace & Gratitude!

Gratitude Moment

Gratitude at Work: The more you assist others or “pay it forward”, the more you help yourself. The more you lift up, celebrate and acknowledge the success of those around you, the more you will be celebrated.
Be grateful for what you have as well as what others share with you. Notice how you are showered with more abundance. Whatever it is that is holding you back from success, help someone else obtain or achieve that very same thing whether it is money, customers, experience, motivation, or a multitude of other resources.

It will return to you in ways beyond your imagination.

Thank you.

Big Sky Gratitude

I spoke to a group in Big Sky country this week. It was a unique event. The warmth and energy of the crowd was contagious.  I also got to witness a professional group rallying to the support of a fellow member who had suffered a tragic loss.  It warmed my heart to see so much caring and compassion in one group.  They shared laughs, smiles, tears and prayers for their fellow member.  I could hear them coordinating activities to help sustain their member in his time of need.

This is truly what the human spirit it all about.

When we are presented with the opportunity to help another, do we take it?  Better yet, do we look for ways to support each other? 

I was also part of festivities prior to a large fundraising extravaganza surrounding ART!  I was able to tour the beautiful and inspiring pieces being auctioned.  Can you imagine collaborating with 100’s of artists and 100’s of people to help others?  The trick to this event is to ensure you are channeling all of the positive and free-flowing energy in to a positive outcome.  It would be a daunting challenge however a most rewarding one if executed properly.

This one was sure to be a tremendous success. 

As I previewed the artwork on display I was dazzled and amazed with the level of detail, the use of color and the vibrant life of every piece.  I was grateful to share in the moment, the event, the community.

I am anxiously awaiting the start of the event and will follow the progress as 1000’s of others people around the globe.  If you want to check out the event:

Working In Gratitude!

This past week I have had the honor of meeting some new people.  I travelled and that usually presents new opportunities and new acquaintances.  This trip was no exception.  What was different was that I was able to learn a lot of new stuff about areas outside of my usual work.  I found this invigorating.  It allowed me to look for new ways to contribute to situations.  I have been in my work role for a while and it is a challenge to stay on the cutting edge of things, continually innovate and rise to the next level.  My experiences of the last week help me to look at this area.  This was a blessing on so many fronts.  I am feeling renewed, inspired and ready to change the world…at least my small piece of it. 

I also cultivated gratitude for the opportunity that my work affords me.  I cannot think of another company that would bring so much life and energy to my role.  I am indeed blessed on many levels.  I know that my travels will lead me to a new place – not just in terms of geography.  I am thankful for my renewed sense of determination and I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring.  I hope the world is ready.

My challenge to you would be; what opportunities are you ignoring?  Are there things you could be doing better?  What may appear obvious may change if you look at it with a different focus.  Think outside of yourself.  Who else are you impacting?  What matters to them?  These answers may surprise you and I am hopeful they might also change your course.