Ode to Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday.  It is the perfect day for me to reflect on all of the blessings she has shared with me.  We have shared joys, laughs and sorrow.  She has been there to hold my hand or give me words of encouragement in the face of some very challenging times.  I never envisioned the pain we would share or how we would grow closer because of it. 

My mom has a distinctive laugh one I think I may have inherited.  I love to hear my mom laugh.  Those times when she laughed so hard tears were streaming down her face.  I have this picture etched in my mind.  It always produces a smile.  

I talk to my mom almost daily.  The talks can range from topics of kids to religion and everything in between.  I haven’t lived close to home since I graduated high school.   The separation of miles has not deterred our ability to remain close.  I am so grateful for this.   

I remember when I was younger hearing “just wait until you have kids of your own.”  Am I the only one who heard that from their mother?  I am indeed a mother and have grown in understanding what was meant by this phrase.  However my mom omitted one little detail….things get magnified through the generations. 

As I celebrate My Mom’s Birthday, I celebrate love and caring.  I have been blessed to have a rich and rewarding relationship with my mom.  Mom’s are special.  

Mom I am sending you sunshine and visions of banana cream pie on your special day. 

Happy Birthday.


So Blessed

Is it a coincidence that my father and my husband have the same birth date, although decades apart?  Is it any coincidence that the most important men in my life were all born within the same month and week?   The other man in my life is my son.  He turned 21 last week.  I am pleased to tell you he survived the official launch in to adulthood and is now celebrating on the slopes of Colorado this week.

I have watched all of these men grow and change.  They represent much laughter and joy in my life.  We  have shared tears, disappointments and success.  We have also shared many blessed moments.  They make me smile.  They make me laugh.  Above all else they ALL contribute to this larger feeling within my life.  The feeling of being blessed.

All three of them are amazing men with strong spirits.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  As they all welcome another year I wish for them peace, joy and Love!  I also thank them for blessing me.

Happy Birthday Dad, Joseph and Collin!