Welcome 2012

A New Year has blessed us. 

It is an opportunity to reset and begin again.  Very similar to asking for redemption from our sins.  I reset when I pray.  I ask for guidance, direction and most of all forgiveness.  This reminds me of starting a New Year. 

What can I do better in the coming year?  What do I need forgiveness for?  Who do I need to forgive?

Do I have clear guidance on the goals for the year?  Have I given them enough thought?  How will I track my progress?

Have I established a clear vision for the year and beyond?

I love these questions and have spent a lot of time thinking about them.  Now is the time to ensure I have my plan in place.  At the top of my list is my daily time in prayer and conversation with God.  I am FULLY confident that if I can consistently start my day in prayer and conversation with God my days will go the direction they need to and my plan will be fulfilled.

This will foster peace and prosperity in my life and in those around me.  It is my life’s mission to listen and serve.

Welcome 2012….here I am.



30 Days and Counting?

Hello New Year….
Wow we are 15 days in to 2011 and I can tell this year will pass even faster than the last.
Did you make resolutions this year? I picked up a book called “30 Days to Live.”   This book captures Christian principles and encourages the reader to apply them for 30 days as if they were their last.
I realize this may sound a bit morbid however I have chosen to focus on the premise of optimization versus any negative context that could be driven from this topic.
This book has motivated me to take on new behaviors and viewpoints. Currently I am attempting to approach all situations from an aspect of love. Loving kindness is a quality lacking in the world.

My goal is to be a small instrument of these 2 areas. One first step for me has been to spend more time in quiet surrender to the day. When was the last time you just listened in silence? It was awkward for me at first but over time it is getting easier.

The first time I sat in silence, my mind raced. I thought about all the things I could be doing. It felt like a waste of time and a small voice of guilt tried to creep in to my thoughts but I kept pushing it out. I finally stopped fighting the hollow sounds of nothing and gave in. whoosh – there I was. I don’t mind sharing – it was odd. Believe it or not – it’s hard to think about nothing. In this world of hyperactivity and multitasking X2….nothing is nearly a curse word.
I am here to tell you it’s not a curse but a blessing. It also helps frame my day, my week and my overall vantage point.

I will continue to work through my 30 days and embrace the changes that present themselves.

I wish you all a very Happy 2011 and wish for you the peace and serenity of “nothing.”

More to follow…..