365 Father’s Days

Is every day father’s day?  I think so.

Dad’s play such a pivotal role in the lives of children.  They have a unique and rewarding relationship with kids.  They are role models, friends and heros.  I would love to declare every day as father’s day and take a moment to thank all father’s for the many things they do. 

Showing gratitude towards fathers is good for the giver as well as the father. The giver has acknowledged that they have been the recipient of  kindness, help or service. And it is good to think outside of one’s self and say ‘thank you’. To recognize that we are connected and that someone had a positive effect on us.

It feels good to give.

Thank you to all of the special dad’s in my life!


Gratitude in a Taxi!

I had a miraculous taxi ride in Portland this week.  The taxi driver and I had an enlightening discussion about simplicity.  This gentleman has 4 children, a wife, a mortgage and drives taxi for a living.  He scrimps and saves however he is dedicated to his family time.  When his work is done, he is done.  He does home and helps to parent the children.  He said he doesn’t have much extra but his children have what they need in the way of material goods and above all else, they have his time.  He doesn’t miss family functions and was positively content with his schedule.

He said that he would have plenty of time post-children to save money and travel.  This is one of his passions however he enjoys living vicariously through the stories of all of his taxi cab passengers.

This was a fabulous reminder regarding gratitude.  The gratitude in the simple things.  A smile, a giggle, a fabulous sunset or the cheerful greeting from my puppy.  I forget to savor some of these moments.

I hope you will find a few moments to savor with each day.  Gratitude is all around us!