Have you ever been with someone who has special needs?

I am not talking about the need to chat or someone who needs a hug but rather someone who has special needs such as a missing body part or mental challenge?

I have had the honor of being in the presence of such people and I am continually surprised at how they bless my day. When I pay attention I am constantly amazed at how they see the world.

The optimism and sunshine that I witness is unmatched. It also makes me wonder just how much better the world would be if we all had more of this spirit within us.

Do I wake up happy to embrace a new day? Am I filled with awe at the possibilities in front of me?

My prayer is that I can also be special and embrace the wonders around me.

Look for the beauty of the moment and enjoy the blessings of each day.


Game Day

Can you hear the roar of cheering crowds this time of year?

Football has indeed returned.  Whether it’s the Friday night lights illuminating the sky in small towns across the United States or major stadiums rocking with action in major cities on Sunday….football is back.

For me, football is filled with tradition.  There are school songs to be sung and special meals to be made.  Who can attend a football game without a hotdog and a cold beverage?  Then there is the special attire.  Depending on the weather this could range from snow boots to sandals and the favorite jersey for my team.  The preparation can take a good amount of time and thought.

The excitement builds on and off the field.

For the teams, there’s the pre-game meal and rituals, warm up and then…the grand entrance.  When I think about all of the people involved in creating the hype of the game the numbers area staggering.  The band is playing, the crowds are singing and the food vendors are keeping the grills cooking.  It is an American pastime. 

There are so many things to celebrate both on and off the field.  The spirit of competition and pride is heartwarming.  Many life lessons can be applied to game day.  Teamwork, perseverance, hard work and dedication to name a few.

So as you watch your favorite team hit the gridiron, think about all of the hours of hard work put in by the teams, the support staff, families and more.  Go team go!